Hi, my friends!!!

Hi, my friends!!!
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domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

Presentation, my first class!!

Hello! My name is Armey Guillen but you call me “Mey”. I’m from Lagunillas originally. I’m eighteen years old and I study Mass Media at URBE. I live in Lagunillas, in the west coast.
I love music, dancing, play volleyball and soccer, surfing the net, studying English, talk on the phone whit my friends, and my family, my dog and ad the beautiful people of my country.
I hate getting up early on the weekend, violence, wash, the dishes, injustice and lies.
My dreams is to be graduated from Mass Media school and be good Mass Media, to travel around the world, visit the Walt Disney and Argentina, and also I want to learn to speak and understand English.

My opinion about English is:

I think is very important for all of us because you can listen music and watch all TV shows in English, and when you can travel to countries use your English to communicate with other persons. I think that English is a key who can open all the gates in all around this world.

My favorite food!!!

I love eat so many things like fruits, vegetables, all kind of cereals, different kind of chesses, bread and of course arepa.

I like to eat chicken and beef. The thing I enjoy to eat is Chocolate.

Sounds stupid because I said “My favorite food is pizza” but I have to tell I don’t like pasta. I don’t know why but is true.
I like to drink coke and milkshake and by the way I love many kinds of desserts.


My birthday is September twentieth, I like to celebrate it in my house close my family, friends and my boyfriend.

My celebrations favorite is the Feria del Sol in Merida city:

In the Merida city begins a well know International carnival fair which is related to the celebrations of December, that celebrations is with all the honors to the Immaculate Conception Virgin.
The rains of December forced to change of that special celebration date, that change begins in 1967 with turn to celebrate the carnivals in February.
The fair of the sun includes varied activities very, like run bulls, cattle exhibition of the horses, exhibition and painting from there popular dances, fishtailed bulls and sale of typical crafts of the regions.
Nevertheless, with cannot lack in this date are the bulls run, that is a traditional show in the fair of sun. For many years, national and international bulls feign peoples are invited to delight all the fanatics with theirs skills bulls in the Monumental Arena Roman feat from Eduardo Sandia, inaugurated in 1967. In addition, flavorful meals and drinks are prepared so that the attending public benefit of the Andean flavor. It is possible to emphasize that within the framework of this celebration sport matches and literary activities become, theater, photographic and musical. Something interesting of this celebration is that although the central spectacle is in the state capital, the other municipalities take advantage of the opportunity to organize events, raise funds for charity activities to entertain all the families and visitors who come to enjoy the celebration in the city. This is party that shows many activities and when you come to visit Merida.

Parts of the body:

Go to learn! Parts of the body, pronunciation and significant:

Head (jed): cabeza.
Neck (nek): cuello.
Hair (her): pelo.
Face (feis): cara.
Forehead (forjed): frente.
Eye (ei): ojo.
Nose (nous): nariz.
Cheek (chik): mejilla.
Mouth (mauz): boca.
Armpit (armpit): axila.
Breast (brest): pecho.
Thorax (zaorax): tórax.
Shoulder (shoulder): hombro.
Navel (neivol): Ombligo.
Abdomen (abdomen): abdomen.
Back (bak): Espalda.
Arm (arm): brazo.
Elbow (elbou): codo.
Forearm (forarm): antebrazo.
Wrist (rist): muñeca.
Hand (jand): mano.
Hip (jip): cadera.
Waist (ueist): cintura.
Knee (ni): rodilla.
Ankle (ankol): tobillo.
Foot (fut): pie.
Toe (tou): dedo del pie.

Heat problem, pronunciation and significant:

Backache (bac – eich): dolor de espalda.
Headache (jer – eich): dolor de cabeza.
Earache (iar – eich): dolor de oído.
Stomachache (stomeich): dolor de estomago.
Toothache (tueich): dolor de muela.
Cold (kol): resfriado.
Cough (coff): tos.
Fever (fiver): fiebre.
The flu
(flu): gripe.
Sore eyes (sor – ies): ardor en los ojos.
Sore trota (sor - trou): dolor de garganta.

“In our class of English know the parts of the body and heat problems, with the presentation of work.

These are the photos:

My Map:

1. Where’s the residence?
It’s on the corner of Residential Avenue and across from the park.

2. Where’s are the police stations?
It’s across from the school and First Street.
3. Where’s the Coromoto School?
It’s next to the hairdressing in the on center avenue.
4. Where’s the bakery?
It’s on Center Avenue, behind of coromoto’s school.

My Biography:

Hello, my name is Armey Coromoto Guillen Abreu, I was born in Lagunillas, Zulia state. I’m studying the second semester of mass media in URBE. My greater achieve will be graduate from the college, my big goal will be an excellent professional person, have my own agency of publicity and fine to my family a better financial and social life, my skills are: dance and make jewelry like necklaces and hand laces.

Biography of the Mother Theresa of Calcutta:

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (this was the real name), was born in August 26th of 1910 in Skopje, at that Moment Ottoman Empire was Republic of Macedonian.

When she was 18 years old, she entered at the religions services from the Mrs. Loreto’s sisters in Ireland. She took the name from Theresa she was a Carmelite’s devote. She received all the religions skills and formation in Dublin, Ireland in Dardjiling, India.

In 1948 she founded a congregation the Misionery of Charity, her first job was to teach all poor children of the street to read.

In 1950 she began to help people from leprosy.

She received many beautiful prizes and recognitions but in 1979 she received the Nobel Prize of peace and much more.

The mother Theresa of Calcutta died in September 5th of 1997 in Calcutta, India just 9 days after turning 87 years old. The government of India honored her with a funeral of state that was for her services and her gratitude for all the poor and hungry people around the world.

Line of time:

1910 : Born in the 26 of August of 1910 in Skopje, Ottoman Empire.

1928 : To the 18 years of age, entered at your service of the Sisters of Our Mrs. of Loreto in India.

1950 : The Mother Theresa of Calcutta began to help the ill people of leprosy.

1979 : Of La Paz grants itself to him to the Nobel prize.

1997: It dies.

Robiee Williams!!

Robiee Williams!!


Born:Feb 13, 1974 in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. Out of all the members of Take That, Robbie Williams never really seemed to fit in. Roguishly handsome where his bandmates were merely cute, Williams was tougher and sexier than the rest, which made him more distinctive. He also fought regularly with the other members and their management, primarily because he was occasionally adverse to being so heavily packaged. So it didn't come as a surprise that he was the first to leave the band, departing early in the summer of 1995 to pursue a solo career (by some accounts, he was fired from the group). Although he was the first out of the gate, it took Williams awhile to get started. For most of 1995, he attempted to boost his credibility by tagging along with Oasis, hoping that Noel Gallagher would give him a couple of songs. He never did, but all of his time with Oasis launched Williams into a world of heavy partying, drinking, and drugging. Over the course of 1996, he was only heard from in gossip columns, and every published picture indicated he had put on considerable weight. Occasionally, he was quoted as saying his new music would abandon lightweight dance-pop for traditional Brit-pop, but his first single was a cover of George Michael's "Freedom '90." Released late in 1996, the single was a disaster, but his second single, 1997's "Old Before I Die," was more in the vein of his early pronouncements, featuring a distinct Oasis influence.